Property brokers & agents on Samui

If you have already read the topics called How To Buy Property on Samui and How To Rent Property on Samui, you should already have a very good idea of how important real estate agents or brokers can be when buying property on Samui, Thailand. A reputable real estate agent will endeavor to do their very best to find you a reputable property that fits exactly with what your requirements and dreams are. What’s more, after reading the following, it should become clear that trying to deal direct with a Seller or developer will not always save you money but could have the opposite effect by costing you more.

There are some excellent real estate agents on Samui. Good agents will have generated good names for themselves over time. They will also very likely have their own offices, along with sign-written cars on Samui so they are accountable and can be contacted face-to-face if need be. Perhaps, meeting your real estate agent for the first time in a car park or in a coffee bar and then visiting property in an unmarked car may not be quite as confidence-instilling as meeting them in their office on Samui.

Agents are also up to date with any changes in the laws regarding purchasing property. They employ Thai staff who keep in very close contact with the Land Department – a government office that deals with all matters related to buying and selling property – so that they are kept informed if, for example, a transfer tax is due to be increased or if the cost of registering a lease is due to be lowered. Sometimes, the Thai government decides to stimulate the economy therefore reducing particular taxes and transfer fees in order to achieve this outcome.

Real estate agents will also know what current promotions are available at the time. Because of the relationship built up between developer and agent, it is usually possible to negotiate free products like air-con units and Jacuzzis; extended payment plans can also be organized; along with free furniture packages and so on. And, because your real estate agent is your man-on-the-ground they will always be up to date with what properties are worth buying and what is happening on Samui. The agent will know if a developer is about to start a promotional campaign or if a re-sale property seller is getting desperate and may be about to lower their price or offer. Therefore, warning you in advance not to buy just yet and saving you a lot of money in the long run.

Agents are also happy to check the progress of your house or condo being built if off-plan. They will periodically take photos for you and email them to you so that you know your stage payments are being used to build your property and not to pay for developers’ all-night drinking sessions. Agents also know of developers with reputations. Some have reputations for bad quality – or bad service – or no after-sales service at all. Agents also are aware of the best up-and-coming locations in which to invest. They will know if a golf course is about to be constructed or if something undesirable is being built nearby. Of course, the brokers and agents can also liaise with your independent lawyer too if you have any questions.

Would a developer or re-sale seller inform you that the neighbourhood of the property in which you are going to buy with your complete life savings gets noisy at night? And, that there are groups of wild dogs running around or that there is a noisy Thai market 3 times a week on your doorstep or that there is a seedy strip club nearby? Highly unlikely!

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