Outdoor Activities on Koh Samui

As well as the great number of sports that are available on Koh Samui, there are also a number of activities for thrill seekers or people who are looking for an adventure.

From bungy jumping and mountain biking to go cart racing and zorbing, these are only a few of the activities available on Koh Samui. As of August 2011, it is rumoured that there are even plans to build one of the world’s largest indoor ski slopes! One thing for certain is that there are always things for you to do on Koh Samui!

Here are some of the activities you can participate in during you stay on the island:

Samui Bungy Jumping

This certainly isn’t for the faint hearted! Located next to the Reggae Pub in Chaweng, the 50 metre high bungy is held over a specially designed plunge pool. As well as jumping solo, you can even choose between Rocket Man jumps, tandem jumps or submersion jumps that makes sure you get thoroughly soaked as you a dunked in and out of the pool below. This one is definitely for the real thrill seekers but is available for all ages and can be great fun for all the family.

The members of staff here are experienced and fully trained. There is also music playing throughout and ice cold drinks served all day, which is useful as you might need a beer or two to settle your nerves!

For booking and more information:

Tel: 077 414 252
Email: jump@samuibungy.com
Web: www.samuibungy.com
Open: daily from 10:30am to 7pm

Samui Shooting Range

Samui Shooting Range is located on the main Samui Ring Road in Bophut, just outside Chaweng and offers a fun, legal and safe way to shoot a wide variety of pistols, rifles and revolvers. If you’ve always wanted to be let loose with an AK47, then this is the place for you! Safety is of the upmost importance, as all the ammunition is live. Therefore, the whole thing is very strictly supervised. If you do visit the shooting range, you will be expected to follow a series of written and verbal protocols to ensure that safety is maintained throughout.

Although visiting the shooting range can be a great experience, a session doesn’t come cheap. Prices start at around 400 Baht for 10 shorts, which you will quickly find out doesn’t last very long at all!

This particular shooting range is fully licensed but be wary of anyone offering you anyone offering you any alternatives as it could well be a scam and end up costing you a lot more money.

Tel: 077 962 488
Open: 9am to 8pm

Samui Go Kart

Another one of Samui’s high speed, adrenaline fuelled activities, which provides excellent fun for people of all ages. Samui Go Kart is located in Bophut, just outside Chaweng and has up to 3 different karts to choose from, ranging from ‘Fun’, which is mainly for kids, ‘Pro’ and ‘Sport’. The ‘Sport’ karts are powered by gasoline and are able to reach speeds of up to 100 kilometres per hour. The actual track is relatively large and offers drivers a challenging, yet entertaining circuit, with plenty of opportunity to reach high speeds.

Safety is also of paramount importance, with the circuit having extensive padding and safety barriers throughout. All of the karts are well made and regularly maintained. It is also compulsory for drivers to wear a safety helmet when driving the kart. Prices start from around 300 Baht for 12 minutes but discounts are in place if you pay up front for longer periods of driving time.

For booking and more information:

Address: 101/2 Moo, Samui Ring Road, Bophut, Koh Samui
Tel: 077 425 097

Samui Bowling

Major Bowl is Samui’s popular ten pin bowling alley and is located next door to the cinema at the Tesco-Lotus shopping plaza in Chaweng. Inside you’ll find eight bowling lanes, two of which are complete with side stoppers, making them suitable for children. There is also restaurant and even a handful of karaoke booths! Well, you never know when you might want to belt out your favourite song!

In the evening, which is peak time, it can get quite busy so if there is a large party of you it is recommended that you book in advance. Games cost from approximately 100 Baht per person, with bowling shoes rental setting you back 40 Baht per session.

When it comes to renting bowling shoes, it is worth bearing in mind that generally bowling shoes are quite a small fit. Even though Thai feet tend to be quite a bit smaller than Western feet, Thai bowling shoes take small fitting to a whole new level!

Major Bowl Samui can be a fun night out for all the family. For booking and more information, please contact:

Tel: 077 427 315
Address: Tesco Lotus Plaza, Moo 6, Samui Ring Road, Bophut

Samui Water Ball – Zorbing

For those of you that might not be familiar with zorbing, imagine a hamster in a plastic ball, only instead of a hamster, imagine what it would be like if YOU were inside the ball!

Zorbing usually involves rolling down a hill, or some other slope in a round orb or large inflatable ball, made from transparent plastic and occasionally filled with a small amount of water. Once you are bundled into the orb, you are given a gentle push and away you go. There are no breaks and no real way of slowing down!

Samui Water Ball in Maenam is the island’s very own take on zorbing, where you can get your adrenaline fix and roll effortlessly, at speed, down the hills of Maenam!

There is great fun to be had here and this is definitely another activity for the adrenaline junkies, although this is suitable for all ages.

For booking and more information please contact:

Tel: 087 267 1042
Email: info@samuiwaterball.com
Web: www.samuiwaterball.com

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