Koh Samui Sailing

Imagine truly getting away from it all and heading out onto the beautiful turquoise seas that surround Koh Samui, taking in the stunning natural beauty of this aquatic wonderland.

In all honesty, there probably aren’t too many better ways to spend your holiday than to take a couple of days, maybe even a week out, sailing around waters of Koh Samui.

koh-samui-sailingThese waters are home to some of the most beautiful natural sights in all of Thailand. The Samui archipelago, located at the heart of the Thai Gulf, is where you will find some 40 or more islands, the vast majority of which are completely uninhabited and offer people a chance to visit one of the last truly unspoilt areas of the country.

The waters and islands in the Samui archipelago are absolutely teeming with wildlife and provide some of the best opportunities for snorkelling, diving and swimming in the area.

Exploring these waters by boat, luxury yacht or catamaran is a once in a life time opportunity and one that you will almost certainly remember for many years to come.

Many of the Koh Samui sailing trips are perfect for people on their honeymoon, groups of friends or families. Sailing around Koh Samui can offer you something more special than spending a couple of weeks just lying on a beach. Whilst, Samui’s beaches are still one of the islands major attractions, a sailing trip around Samui can be a truly wonderful experience.

Koh Samui Sailing Boats

When it comes to sailing around Samui there are a variety of different boats and tour packages available including private yachts, day or night charters and catamarans.

Here are some details of the different boats and packages that on Koh Samui:

Koh Samui by Sailing Boat
Day and overnight tours to Samui’s neighbouring islands aboard a spacious sailing boat are very popular amongst visitors to the island. These well equipped boats are relatively easy to handle and are good for people who might be trying sailing for the first time.

A favourite amongst families, honeymooners and small groups, a boat of this kind is perfect for sailing in shallow waters and is even capable of beach landings, which is perfect for those really secluded, golden sands that can be found on many of the islands in the Samui archipelago.

Suitable for up to four guests, sailing boat tours are available as both day trips or as an overnight stay.

A skipper and crew are also included in the tour, so you really can just sit back and relax whilst sailing around Samui’s beautiful neighbouring islands.

Koh Samui Sailing by Catamaran
Sailing by catamaran around Koh Samui will undoubtedly provide you with a truly unforgettable sailing experience. Passengers normally will have the choice of a 27ft or 33ft vessel, both of which are very fast and are perfect for hopping from one island to another!

The catamarans here are also fairly easy to sail and we would recommend anyone to take the opportunity to sail one of these magnificent boats.

Some of the catamaran trips from Samui normally include all meals, drinks, beer and wine, as well as use of things things like snorkelling, fishing equipment and a dingy or kayak so you can really go off exploring.

If you enjoy your sailing then a trip on catamaran is a must and where better than to experience this than off the beautiful island of Samui.

Koh Samui Sailing by Luxury Yacht
If you want to sail around Koh Samui in ultimate style and comfort then a luxury yacht charter could be just what you are looking for.

The yacht is complete with a master and guest cabin, the interiors of which are magnificent and both include en suite facilities. There is also more accommodation available in the aft cabin, sliding bunks, which can also be turned into a double bed for extra comfort.

You will also find a state of the art music and entertainment system, large flat screen TV, two large cushioned sun beds and a garage full of sports equipment that you can use throughout your trip.

There really is no better way to sail around Samui and the neighbouring islands.

For more information on some of the sailing boats and tours mentioned above please contact:

Sailing In Samui
Address: Chaweng Regent Beach Resort, 155/4 Moo 2, Bophut, 84320 Koh Samui
Tel:  081 940 1999
Email: kunta@sailing-in-samui.com
Web: www.sailing-in-samui.com

Koh Samui Regatta

The annual Samui Regatta is one of the largest in Asia and hosts the final of the Asian Yachting Grand Prix. Founded in 2001, the event started with just 11 boats, with locally based boats making up much of the fleet.

The main objectives of the Samui Regatta have always been to increase the number of tourists to the island and raise awareness and participation of the sailing scene in Asia. The regatta also does a lot to support local youth education and sporting activities throughout Koh Samui.

By 2003, the reputation of the Samui Regatta was beginning to grow and for the first time it attracted boats from such countries as Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong.

The increasing popularity of the regatta didn’t stop there and as the reputation of the event continued to grow, it quickly became an important fixture in the Asian yachting calendar.

The importance of the event is further increased as the Samui Regatta is the last stage in the Asian Yachting Grand Prix series. This means that the performance of many of the yachts here will often have a major impact of the final standings and overall results of the Grand Prix series. This can often make for an exciting finale, with Samui Regatta at the centre of all the exctitement.

By 2007 the Samui Regatta was purchased by MobyElite, a professional events company, based in Bangkok. Since the change of ownership the event has continued to go from strength to strength. By 2008 over 20 different countries were represented from some 300 participants.

By the time of the 2009 event, the number of participants had risen to 350, with the whole event generating over 30 million Baht in media coverage and an approximate 250 million Baht for the economy in Thailand.

Today, the regatta has just celebrated its tenth year and is more popular than ever before.

For more information on the 2012 Samui Regatta, please visit www.samuiregatta.com

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