Koh Samui Massage

The art of Thai massage is well renowned and respected all over the world and this age old tradition is still practiced throughout Thailand today. Koh Samui is certainly no exception to this and you can easily find a plethora of massage shops all over the island, particularly in the tourist hot spots of Chaweng and Lamai. Recent years have also seen the emergence of a number of spa hotels and resorts on the island that all offer traditional Thai massage services.

Thai massage can be perfect to rid you or your aches and pains and can even be used to cure that troublesome back problem that has been bothering you for years.

koh-samui-massageDon’t be fooled into thinking that the slightly built or dainty Thai masseuse won’t have the strength or power to be able offer you an effective massage. The chances are they will have hands as strong as steel, which will be more than enough to smooth away any stiffness or pain.

The vast majority of Koh Samui massage will focus on the traditional techniques such as Thai, foot and oil massage, rather than ‘special’ kind of massage that is available in other areas of Thailand, most notably in Bangkok, Pattaya and Patong in Phuket. However, for those that are looking for a ‘special’ or ‘cheeky’ massage, Koh Samui will still be able to cater for your needs too!

Traditional Thai Massage

The art of Thai massage is highly complex and it is a technique that has been passed down from generation to generation for hundreds, if not thousands of years. The original teachers of Thai massage were Buddhist monks and in Wat Po in Bangkok, there is still a massage school there, where monks teach the traditional techniques of Thai massage.

This form of massage uses 10 main pressure points throughout the body, known as ‘sen’ to realign the body’s natural energy. During a traditional Thai massage your muscles will be pushed, pulled, kneaded and stretched into place.

When you have a Thai massage on Koh Samui, the masseuse will use a variety of different techniques to apply pressure to different areas of the body. As well as using their hands, a masseuse may also use their knees, elbows and feet on different areas of your body during the massage. Certain elements of Thai massage actually derive from yoga and an ancient Indian philosophy to do with health and wellbeing called Ayurveda. The most important tool in to any masseuse is undoubtedly their thumb, which over time can build up such strength that it can often feel strong enough to penetrate deep inside the muscle.

Beliefs in the healing qualities of Thai massage are widespread throughout Thai culture, with many people regularly visiting their local masseuse to cure all sorts of aches, pains and ailments including, period pain, migraines, stomach problems, tension, stress and even flu.

On Koh Samui, generally speaking the 3 most popular types of massage available are oil massage, Thai massage and foot massage.  However, as you begin to look around the island you will find that different massage shops and beachside huts will offer other massages such as Swedish massage, body to body massage, hot stone massage and facial massage.

Foot Massage

By manipulating and applying pressure to certain parts of the feet, foot massage can help to stimulate the internal organs and realign the body’s natural energy. This form of massage has also been passed down for 1000’s of years and can be very soothing for not just your feet but your whole body. Normally, you will have a foot massage whilst sat in a large comfortable chair. These chairs are often setup in rows in many of the massage shops that are located on the island of Samui.

Thai Massage

Thai massage is definitely the most strenuous and vigorous form of massage and at times can even be a little uncomfortable. However, it is all doing you good and is great for ridding your body of aches, pains or knots in your muscles and tendons. Afterwards you will feel so revitalised and refreshed that the little bit of pain and discomfort will have been well worth it! If you feel you might be a bit sensitive to a full strength Thai massage then feel free to ask the masseuse to be a little gentler.

Oil Massage

Oil massage is much gentler than a traditional Thai massage. During this type of massage oils are applied and worked into the body in order to penetrate deep into the fibres of the muscle. It might not be the best for curing long term back problems but it will provide you with a wonderfully sensual and relaxing experience. You can even have an oil massage that uses aloe vera oil, which is one of the best natural remedies for soothing sunburn.

Cost of Koh Samui Massage

Of course the cost of a massage on Koh Samui will vary greatly depending on the type of massage you have and the duration of the massage. Typically a Thai massage at one of the islands massage shops will cost around 200 or 300 Baht for 1 hour. For a foot massage you can expect to pay a little bit more, normally around 250 to 300 Baht, which is also for 1 hour. An oil massage will cost you more again, about 300 to 400 Baht. Other massages such as Swedish massage, sports massage, body-to-body massage or ‘special’ massage can cost anywhere from 600 to 1500 baht for one hour.

Koh Samui Massage Shops

There are hundreds of massage shops and parlours located throughout Koh Samui, particularly in Chaweng and Lamai and you won’t have to search for very long in order to find one. However, here are the contact details of a selection of massage shops that can be found on the island:

Joys Massage
Address: 40/13 Moo 4, Near Samui Airport, Bo Phut, Koh Samui 84320
Tel: 0852 696 770
Email: contactus@joysthailand.com
Web: www.joysthailand.com

Nida Massage
Address: 166/19 Soi Solo Bar, Chaweng Beach Road, Chaweng, Koh Samui  84320
Tel: 089 053 6034
Web: www.nidamassagesamui.com

Mama’s Massage
Address: 46/14-15, Moo 3, Soi Colibri, Chaweng South, Bo Phut, Koh Samui 84320
Tel: 077 230 429

My Friend Holiday Thai Massage (Branch #1)
Address: 14/62-64 Moo 2, Chaweng Beach Road, Chaweng, Koh Samui 84320
Tel: 077 413 364
Email: thunyaluck_9@hotmail.com
Web: www.massagesamui.com

My Friend Holiday Thai Massage (Branch #2)
Address: 3/123 Moo 2, Chaweng Beach Road, Chawng, Koh Samui 84320
Tel: 077 230 778
Email: thunyaluck_9@hotmail.com
Web: www.massagesamui.com

My Friend Holiday Thai Massage (Branch #3)
Address: 3/123 Moo 2, Chaweng Beach Road, Koh Samui 84320
Tel: 077 230 778
Email: thunyaluck_9@hotmail.com
Web: www.massagesamui.com

Pukka Massage
Address: 83/20 Moo 3, Lamai, Koh Samui 84310
Tel: 077 418 688

Pressure Point – Traditional Thai Massage
Address: 185/6 Moo 1, Bo Phut, Koh Samui 84320
Tel: 077 245 820

Yui’s Thai Massage
Address: 82/7 Moo 3, Samui Ring Road, Chaweng, Koh Samui 84320
Tel: 077 422 731

Vassana Health and Beauty
Address: 127/8 Moo 4, Samui Ring Road, Lamai, Koh Samui 84320
Tel: 081 787 1733

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