Fishing on Koh Samui

Fishing in the waters off Koh Samui can be a great activity for the all the family. From experienced anglers to absolute beginners, the waters off Samui are absolutely teeming with a wide variety of fish so you should have no problem in catching a bite or two!

Due to the large number of water sports and activities that are available on the island, fishing might not be the first thing that springs to mind when you are thinking about having a fun day out. However, because of the variety of fishing tours that are available from operators on the island, it means that everyone is catered for and you don’t have to be a keen angler to enjoy a day of fishing on Koh Samui.

fishing-on-koh-samuiIt wasn’t all that long ago when the only way of going on a decent fishing trip from Samui was to negotiate with a local fisherman, trying to convince him to let you aboard his boat for the day. Today, things are quite different when it comes to fishing tours on Koh Samui, as there are now a number of tour operators that offer a range of fishing tours on a variety of different boats, with very much tourists and holiday makers in mind.

Many of these fishing tours take to the sea in traditional fishing boats which have been specially converted to carry groups of passengers. Tour operators normally provide all fishing equipment too, with experienced fishermen or guides on hand to offer help and advice during the trip.

Ultimately, as with any of the organised fishing trips, the captain of the boat will have the final say on where the best spots are to go fishing, after he has taken into account sea conditions and weather forecast.  The most common policy by many of the fishing boat captains is to stay relatively close to the coastline for a couple of hours before changing to a different location during the day.

By doing this, it gives passengers the best possible change to catch some fish, whilst also offering them different views of the surrounding areas.

Long Tail Boat Fishing Tour

The two areas closest to Samui that are popular with many fishing tours are the waters around Koh Mudsum and Koh Tan. The close proximity of these islands to Samui means passengers are able to travel by traditional long tail boat and even fish by a Thai style hand line.

These types of tours are great for people who might not have all that much previous fishing experience. Even if you have never really fished before, there is still a good chance you will be able to catch a variety of fish including squid, snapper, mackerel, barracuda and even shark. Lunch is often included in these tours, as well as soft drinks and fruit. The cost of a long tail boat fishing trip to Koh Tan and Koh Mudsum will vary from one tour operator to another. However, you can normally expect to pay about 1200 Baht for adults and 500 Baht for children, which includes transfer from your hotel. Tours normally depart around 9am and usually return about 3pm.

Big Game Fishing Tour

If you have a little more experience of fishing or you fancy trying to catch some real whoppers, then you might consider booking yourself on one of the big game fishing trips that depart from Koh Samui. These tours normally visit areas off Samui such as Koh Mudsoom, Koh Rarh, Koh Taen and Wang Bay, which are some of the best locations to catch big game fish.

Included as part of the tour are all the equipment, baits and lures you will need, as well as live bait, which is stored in a holding tank about the boat. There are also English speaking guides on hand to provide help and assistance to ensure that you land that all important catch. A traditional Thai style lunch, complete with free refreshments and soft drinks will also be available.

Big game fishing tours will normally last for a full day, normally departing Samui around 10am and returning at approximately 5pm.

The cost of a big game fishing tour on Koh Samui can vary but you should expect to pay somewhere in the region to 1500 Baht for adults and around 800 Baht for children.

It is not always wise to simply choose the cheapest tour as this is unlikely to include some, if any of the big game fishing equipment and bait that is available with the more expensive tours. Also, as over fishing by large trawlers in the area is a problem, make sure that the boat captain has plenty of experience and knows where the best spots are in order to catch some fish.

If you do manage to catch some fish, and there is a good chance that you will, some operators include a BBQ as part of the tour where the on board chef will be able to cook any fish you catch.

Koh Samui Fishing Tour Operators

Sweeney Todd’s Tour and Travel Agency
Address: 33/2 Moo Bophut, Koh Samui
Tel: 088 448 0546, 087 003 7022
Open: 9am to 7pm (Tuesday to Saturday), 9am to 4pm (Sundays), Closed Mondays.

TK Tours Samui
Address: 30/5 Moo 5, Taling Ngam
Tel: 081 895 1178

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