Bophut Restaurant Guide

Don’t be mistaken into thinking that the quiet and quaint Bophut beach area has nothing to offer when it comes to eating out. The truth is that Bophut is considered by many to be one of the best places to eat on the whole island. One of the major plus points about dining in Bophut is that it is not nearly as crowded as Chaweng. It is because of this that Bophut is popular with couples looking for a romantic meal or with people who are looking for something a little quieter at dinner time.

bophut-restaurant-guideOne of the most popular parts of Bophut is the Fisherman’s village, which some people regard as being one of the oldest locations on the island. Take a step back into traditional Samui as you look out onto quaint little shops and old wooden houses.

As for restaurants, there is a whole host of Thai places, as well as Italian, French, Indian, British and a couple of places specialising in seafood. The Beach Road in Bophut has a number of eating options, but the town generally has plenty to offer when it comes to dining.

Alla Baia Restaurant (Thai/Italian)
Located in the centre of Bophut, right at the heart of the Fisherman’s Village, you will find Alla Baia Restaurant. Serving a wide range of all your favourite Italian dishes including pizzas and wonderful pastas, you can sit outside on the restaurants splendid terrace taking in views of the sea. All food is reasonably priced and with its very distinctive exterior, Alla Baia is hard to miss. This place is a good choice for families.

Open: 5pm to 11:30pm
Tel: 077 245 566
Price Range: Good Value

Zazen (Thai Fine Dining)
Serving u some of the finest Thai food on the whole island, this award winning restaurant offers fine dining with added culinary flair. Ok, so this place is expensive, but the care and attention to detail that is put into creating every single dish is ultimately the reason behind the high cost. Some of the dishes that are served here are literally perfection on a plate and if you have the budget available you should definitely give Zazen a try for a truly memorable culinary experience.

Open: 6pm to 11pm
Tel: 077 425 085
Price Range: Luxuriously expensive!

Shades (Thai)
One of the newer additions to a number of restaurants that can be found in the Fishermans Village, this small restaurant is perfect for couples who are looking for a quiet, yet romantic evening meal. Inside you will find relaxing music playing, plenty of candle lit tables and a quaint beachside setting. As well as the enjoyable setting and atmosphere, the food is excellent too, serving up a whole host of high quality seafood and other Thai favourites. Highly recommended are the char grilled Tiger prawns in a creamy seafood sauce and the grilled peppered tuna steak. Shades should definitely be on your list of restaurants to try if you are staying in Bophut and is worth making a special trip, even if you are not.

Open: 11am to 10pm
Tel: 077 245 688
Price Range: Good Value

Carpe Diem (Thai/Euro Fusion)
Located in the Fisherman’s Village at Bophut and recognisable by its white themed interior, Carpe Diem often finds its way into the guide books and fine dining guides of Koh Samui. Part of the Carpe Diem Boutique Hotel, the food that is served here is traditional Thai, influenced by European cuisine, which results in a novel fusion of styles that you are unlikely to find elsewhere on the island. Carpe Diem is also a good place to go if you are a wine lover, as you will no doubt be interested in their large, walk in wine cellar.

Open: 7pm to 11pm
Tel: 077 427 195
Price Range: Pricey

Happy Elephant (Thai seafood)
Happy elephant encompasses two properties that are adjacent to each other about halfway down on the main strip in Bophut. This atmospheric and part al fresco restaurant mainly specialises in seafood. Happy Elephant is a relatively large eatery too and can comfortably handle more than 150 covers. When the place gets busy it can really help to create a special atmosphere within the restaurant, helped in no small part, to the live jazz band playing in the corner. With English speaking, friendly staff, good service, nice atmosphere and tasty food; what’s not to like?

Open: 5pm to 11pm
Tel: 077 245 347
Price Range: Good Value

The Shack (BBQ)
Everyone loves a BBQ, right? Particularly when the portions are large and only meats and seafood of the highest quality make it onto the grill. You’ve also got loads of salads, marinades, dressings and dips to choose from, not to mention the great atmosphere and roadside location of this traditional Californian burger bar; which is pretty much now things roll at The Shack. It is easy to see why this place is jam packed with happy customers each night of the week. The great thing about The Shack is that you almost feel like you are at a family barbecue or just relaxing with friends, such is the easy going, laid back atmosphere of the place.

Open: 11am to 2pm & 6pm to midnight
Price Range: Good Value

Juzza Pizza (Italian)
Originally opened in Chaweng nearly ten years ago, Juzza Pizza is one of the old guard of the Samui restaurant scene. After recently moving from its central location at Soi Green Mango, at the heart of the Chaweng party, to the quieter more, sedate atmosphere of Bophut Fishermans Village, Juzza Pizza is still as popular today as it always has been. The fact that the restaurant has been so successful for so long is the best indication that they must be doing something right with regards to the quality of their food. If you are looking for a really good pizza, reasonably priced, then this is your place.

Open: 5pm to 11pm
Tel: 077 245 662
Price Range: Good Value

Karma Sutra (Thai/European)
With a name like ‘Karma Sutra’ you could be forgiven for wondering what sort of a restaurant this is! Located on the pier at Bophut Fishermans Village, this popular restaurant/bar/boutique has a really nice friendly atmosphere that can be a welcome change to the sometimes boorish atmosphere of some of the bars that can be found in Chaweng or Lamai. Situated inside a traditional Chinese shop-house, the interior is very pleasant as it has been able to retain the natural beauty of the original wood structure. The food is half bad either and is served all day and is definitely affordable for most budgets.

Open: 9am to late
Tel: 077 425 198
Price Range: Good Value

The Pier (Thai Seafood/International)
The black themed, stylish restaurant offers some great views of the Gulf of Thailand from its open and breezy eating areas, where you can sit back and relax on reclining sofas whilst you eat your food, if you are that way inclined! Serving both Thai and international dishes, there is a real emphasis on seafood here. Apart from the tasty food, which is highly recommended by the way, the real draw of this restaurant is not its chic interior but its location in Bophut Fishermans Village and the stunning views out to sea.

Open: 11am to midnight (last food orders 11pm)
Tel: 077 430 681
Price Range: Pricey

Samui Spice (Thai/Asian)
Offering just as stunning views as other more upmarket restaurants in the area (most notably The Pier, just without the fancy decor) Samui Spice is still a trendy, yet more than affordable restaurant that serves a really good selection of Thai and Asian inspired dishes. The atmosphere inside the restaurant is relaxed and comfortable so sit back and enjoy some good Thai food at a price that won’t break the bank.

Open: 12pm to 11:30pm
Tel: 077 246 009
Price Range: Good Value

Ad Hoc Beach Cafe (International)
Ad Hoc provides great international fine dining in a location that is just perfect for watching the sunset. The truly idyllic setting, right on the beachside is often popular with people who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the night time crowds. The cuisine here is excellent and mainly consists of Mediterranean and Italian fare but you can also find some Thai and Japanese dishes on the menu too. The emphasis of both quantity and quality of food is there for all to see. However, the general service is just as good; if you happen to be staying outside of Bophut, give the Ad Hoc a call and they will arrange to come and pick you up, free of charge! Located on the main Bang Rak/Bophut Road, you should give Ad Hoc a try today.

Open: 12pm to 10:30pm
Tel: 077 425 380
Price Range: A little pricey (but truly first class service)

Dining On The Rocks (Gourmet cuisine)
For some people Dining On The Rocks represents everything there is with regards to luxurious 5 star cuisines on Koh Samui and that everyone else should pretty much shut up shop and go home! Since its opening late in 2004, Dining On The Rocks has already gathered a worldwide reputation for its incredible food and stunning location. Our mere words will not truly be able explain just how impressive this restaurant is and it really is a place that everyone who visits Koh Samui should experience for themselves. Picture the setting, magical sea breezes, low lights, gourmet food and stunning views. The interior is breathtaking and the food is out of this world. Don’t just take our word for it; Dining On The Rocks takes gastronomy on Koh Samui to a whole new level.

Open: 6pm and only closes once all guests have left for the evening!
Tel: 077 245 678 (reservations are recommended)
Price Range: Expensive (but this is best of the best!)

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