Bophut Nightlife

Bophut is perfect for people who want to look for something different than the nightlife in Chaweng and Lamai. In particular, the charming Fisherman’s Village is the ideal place to spend an evening or two.

Rather than girlie bars, neon lights, ear splitting music and sleazy massage parlours, Bophut is home to a rich and varied selection of upmarket bars, pubs, restaurant and boutiques. Whilst Bophut is certainly quieter than Chaweng, it is still a firm favourite amongst many people who visit the island.

bophut-nightlifeAlso, if you were to ask any expats on Samui where to go for a night out, the chances are they would say Bophut as many residents claim that Chaweng is now too busy, too loud and too expensive to really enjoy a good night out. It really all depends on what you are looking for from your evening’s entertainment. Bophut is certainly a bit classier and upmarket than Chaweng and can prove a good option for couples, families and for anyone who isn’t interested in girlie bars or nightclubs.

The other attraction about the nightlife in Bophut is that it is very easy to explore. Once you find your way to the fishing pier, you are within close proximity of the Fisherman’s Village and the bulk of the night time action.

Here is a selection of some of the most popular nightspots in Bophut and the surrounding area:

Emerald Irish Bar & Restaurant
Emerald Bar is arguably the best Irish pub on the island and offers incredible views out to sea. It is the perfect place to relax and chill out during the day, drinking a couple of pints of Guinness or tucking into some fantastic pub grub. The interior of the pub is like stepping inside a traditional pub in Ireland, and for a split second you could be forgiven for thinking that you were in Dublin! That is until you make your way to the rear of the pub and see the beautiful, clear blue ocean in the background. Come the evening, there is live music and things start to get a little livelier. With a great atmosphere and friendly staff, the well run Emerald Bar is a must see if you are visiting Bophut, if only to check out those incredible sea views. As well as being one of the finest bars in the area, Emerald Bar also has two beautiful apartments for rent upstairs.

Open: 11am to 2pm
Where: Central Bophut, located in the Fisherman’s Village
Web: ;

Sweeney Todd’s Cafe and Bar
This place is popular amongst local expats and British tourists. A great place for a beer or two, for many Sweeney Todd’s is also the best place on the island for a traditional English breakfast, with all the trimmings! What better way to start the day?

Where: Opposite the entrance to the Fisherman’s Village in Bophut

Billabong Surf Club
The official meeting place of the local rugby club, the Samui Simians, Billabong is unmistakably a traditional Aussie pub. A little rowdy at times, there’s plenty of VB on tap, a wide range of pies on the menu and live sport regularly shown on the TV; what more could you want?! The Billabong also has a couple of rooms for rent upstairs that provide nice views of the sea.

Open: 12pm to late
Where: Bophut Fisherman’s Village
Tel: 077 430 144

The Pub
This simple, yet popular English pub offers some of the best British pub food on the whole island and their Sunday roast dinners are certainly worth sampling. Inside, you will find a large bar area, a handful of tables and chairs and plenty of happy, regular punters! Despite not being the liveliest of venues, the music is at suitable enough level for you to enjoy it, without having to raise your voice to have a conversation. The friendly owner also enjoys a good chin wag and if you happen to be in The Pub on your own, he will no doubt have a few good stores to tell you!

Open: 11am to late
Where: Bophut Fisherman’s village
Tel: 077 245 091

Karma Sutra
This popular bar and restaurant is just about everything that many of the bars in Chaweng and Lamai are not! It’s quiet, easy going, laid back and the interior is attractively decorated with a traditional wooden finish throughout. The atmosphere is friendly, cool, cosy and very appealing. The cocktails are good and there is a great selection of food served all day; a good place to go for your breakfast.

Open: 7am to 1am
Where: Boput, at the corner of the Fisherman’s Village, opposite the pier.
Tel: 077 425 198

The Frog and Gecko
With its friendly and fun atmosphere, The Frog and Gecko offers good food and drink and hosts regular events such as movie screenings and a weekly pub quiz. Busy most nights, there is also a good selection of Thai, European and international food on the menu. Make sure you try one of their Indian curries, they’re really tasty! There is also a pool table and big screen, which is good for watching live football on Saturday’s and Sunday’s. The Frog and Gecko has also been recommended in a number of travel guides including the Lonely Planet, Le Guide Du Routard and Frommer’s.

Open: Noon to 2am
Where: Fisherman’s Village, Bophut
Tel: 089 866 8657

The Crows Nest
Located next door to The Pub, The Crows Nest is another pub that offers great views out to Koh Phangan and the Gulf of Thailand. With welcoming staff, good beer and delicious cocktails, The Crows Nest is a pleasant enough place to enjoy a drink, as it tends not to get as busy as The Pub, next door.

Open: 4.30pm to 2am
Where: Fisherman’s village, Bophut
Tel: 081 797 1193

The Shack Bar and Grill
A good place to eat a tasty steak and drink an ice cold beer, The Shack is popular amongst visitors to Bophut. The great cuisine, which is combined with soft playing jazz and blues music makes for a relaxing atmosphere. There is also an extensive wine list available which includes wine from all over the world. Other highlights from the menu include The Shack Ribs, Butter Garlic Prawns and Shack Style Crab Cakes.

Open: 3pm to 11pm
Where: Bophut Fisherman’s Village
Tel: 077 246 041

The Pier
One of Bophut’s trendiest restaurants, The Pier also has a very stylish bar and can be a good option if you fancy something a little more formal. However, the atmosphere is still relaxed and although it might be a bit more expensive than other bars in the area, they do have a fine selection of cocktails, spirits and fresh juices. With great sea vies, The Pier also offers catering for private events.

Open: 12pm to late
Where: Located in the heart of the Fishing Village, Bophut
Tel: 077 430 681

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