Koh Samui Nightlife

Koh Samui has built up a worldwide reputation for its vibrant and exciting nightlife. With Samui being an island that mainly caters towards hospitality, entertainment and having fun, the abundance of activities and things to do that can be found here, certainly doesn’t end once it goes dark.

From sophisticated fine dining restaurants to incredible beach parties and Go-Go bars, Koh Samui proudly boasts some of the best nightlife in all of Thailand.

After spending a day on one of the islands stunning beaches or taking part in one of the many activities the island has to offer, the night time offers just as much entertainment as anything you can wish to do during the day. There really is something from everyone including nightclubs, beer bars, traditional Thai dancing, live music venues, Muay Thai boxing and even mud wrestling! That’s before you even consider the huge choice of superb restaurants and eateries that can be found all over the island.

For those who are intent on having a few drinks and really letting their hair down then, then there is no need to worry about finding your way back to your hotel as there are always plenty of taxis on hand ready to take you take you to your hotel once your evening out has finished. If you are really worse for wear then you could always spend the night sleeping in the beach, although isn’t recommended!

Koh Samui’s Vibrant Party Scene

The atmosphere on Koh Samui at night is vibrant, festive and generally good natured, with a good mix of different people seeking out the islands wide range of different night time options. From refined bars and cocktail lounges to raucous nightclubs and just about everything in between, everyone is there for a good time and to experience the islands fabulous nightlife.

koh-samui-nightlifeAll over the island you will find bars, pubs and other watering holes but it is in the islands popular tourist areas of Chaweng and to a lesser degree, Lamai, where the party really gets going, usually to the wee small hours.

Chaweng often attracts internationally renowned DJ’s to its crowded and popular nightclubs and beach side parties, many of which will last well past the supposed mandatory 2am closing time. The Green Mango, for example, which is probably Samui’s largest and most popular bar and disco can often remain open well past 2am.

Chaweng is also the location of Samui’s oldest nightclub and bar, The Reggae Pub, which is still popular with revellers today. Playing an eclectic mix of chilled out reggae music, before the funky house beats take over as the crowds pile in, whilst the clock gets closer to midnight.

For a more relaxed setting to enjoy some music without the fear of having change into your dancing shoes, then head over to the Sweet n Soul Bar or to many of the bars that are located around the area of the Green Mango. For a less raucous evening, but certainly not lacking in any flair, give Zico’s a try and witness some of their authentic Brazilian samba dancers in action.

Outside of Chaweng, Lamai offers the next best option in terms of night time entertainment. It also tends to be cheaper, with a little more of a relaxed and less hectic vide. As well as nightclubs and a wide variety of beer bars, Lamai is also famous for its raunchy ladies mud wrestling contests and lady boy shows! The main hub for nightlife in Lamai can be found in and around the areas of the Round Bars and the Night Plaza. If you are looking for live music venues then head over to the Bikers and Rockers Pub, which is famous throughout the island for live rock shows.

The evening entertainment that can be found in the other areas of island, most notably in Nathon, Thong Krut and Bang Kao is generally much quieter than Chaweng and Lamai and tends to be limited to bars and restaurants.

The bars in these areas will almost certainly be cheaper than any of the places in Chaweng, which are nearly all aimed at foreign tourists. People often have the idea that drinking and going out in Thailand is very cheap. Whilst it will almost certainly be cheaper than going out in the West, drinking in many of the bars and clubs in Chaweng and Lamai will not be that much different, in terms of price, to what you would normally pay in Europe or the UK, for example.

If you are looking for a really cheap night, where you won’t feel the pinch in your wallet then try Bohput or Maenam. Whilst there is an established night time scene, both of these areas tend to attract are more local crowd, which is predominantly made up of expats who live on the island.

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