Chaweng Nightlife

Chaweng is undoubtedly where the party is at on Koh Samui. The main Beach Road that runs through Chaweng has scores of small sois (streets) running off it and it is down these sois is where you will find the largest selection of bars and nightclubs on the island.

The centre of all the fun and shenanigans in Chaweng is usually the area known as Soi Green Mango, which is located just to the left of the Burger King fast food restaurant on the main Chaweng Beach Road. This horseshoe shaped road is packed with bars, pubs and nightclubs of varying popularity and appeal.

chaweng-nightlifeAligning the sides of Soi Green Mango you will find a selection of raucous, full on party bars, all of which seem to compete for who has the loudest sound system. At the northern side of the soi you will find the largest selection of girlie and Go-Go bars in the immediate area. As you work your way further down Soi Green Mango you will find a number of alleys and smaller sois, branching off the main soi, all of which contain even more pubs and bars. This is the perfect area for a good old bar crawl that doesn’t require any other form of transportation, apart from using your legs!

One thing about Chaweng and the Soi Green Mango is that is certainly something for everyone!

A close second to Soi Green Mango in terms of popularity as a party epicentre is Soi Reggae, which is located on a small peninsular not too far from Chaweng Lake. Soi Reggae is home to the one of the oldest nightspots on the island, The Reggae Pub, which is still popular with locals and foreign visitors today. As you travel towards Soi Reggae from the centre of Chaweng, you will find scores of small beer bars and girlie bars complete with pool tables and dodgy music. The later the night gets the more eager the girls are for a bit of ‘male attention’. You have been warned! However, generally speaking this is all good natured.

Officially all bars and clubs in Chaweng are meant to close at 2am, and whilst the evening’s entertainment and hedonism usually peaks close to midnight, very often the party will go on after 2am and well into the early hours.

Here is a selection of just some of the bars, pubs and nightclubs that can be found in Chaweng:

Green Mango
So popular, they even named a road after it! The Green Mango is arguably Chaweng’s most popular nightspot. With one of the largest dance floors of any club on the whole island, Green Mango is large, loud, busy and pretty hard to miss if you plan on heading into the centre of Chaweng for a night out. The music tends to vary between hip hop, techno and house, with a selection of mainstream pop tunes thrown in for good measure. If dancing isn’t your thing, Green Mango also has an abundance of pool tables, a large seating area and a number of big TV screens dotted around the place. Officially closing at 2am, the party can sometimes go on very late here!

Open: 6pm to late
Where: Central Chaweng, at the far end of Soi Green Mango
Tel: 077 422 661

Henry Africa’s
Located in Soi Green Mango, at the end closest to the main road, Henry Africa’s started out as a regular haunt for many backpackers but has now grown into one of Samui’s most popular bars and is packed most evenings. Part of the attraction with Henry Africa’s is that there is something for everyone. Whilst to a certain extent this is a girlie bar, it certainly doesn’t look or feel like one and attracts a varied selection of customers. Women are made to feel just as welcome as men and if you aren’t looking for a bar girl to share a few beers with, then you would hardly even know they were working in the bar. The music, as well as the service is good here too. Serving, beers, spirits and buckets, Henry Africa’s also offer buy 5 get 1 free on all shots; well, if you must!

Open: 5pm to 2am
Where: Soi Green Mango, central Chaweng

Mint Bar
It is fair to say that Mint Bar has been at the forefront of helping to establish Koh Samui on the international dance music scene. Famous DJ’s such as Kenny Hawkes, Brandon Block and Lisa Loud have all played here. Inside, Mint Bar is probably one of the smartest clubs in Soi Green Mango, with plenty of comfortable seating areas and air conditioning throughout. With regular 2-4-1 drink deals, Mint Bar can get busy at night, especially if there is an international DJ playing. Admission costs 200 Baht.

Open: 6pm to 2am
Where: Soi Green Mango, central Chaweng

Sweet Soul Cafe
Quite possibly the liveliest place in town, Sweet Soul Cafe is somewhat of an institution on Koh Samui. Attracting both locals and tourists, it’s the place to go to for a real rowdy night out in Chaweng. Don’t expect to relax here; the music is as loud as it can be and with a Jagermiester dispenser serving up shots all night, things inevitably end up very messy most evenings! There is also a wide range of beers, cocktails and other shots available. Be prepared to party hard in Sweet Soul Cafe, this place is about to go off!

Open: 6pm to 2am (often later!)
Where: Soi Green Mango
Tel: 077 423 242

Sound is one of Samui’s outdoor venues and tends to be more popular with the late night crowd as the party here often doesn’t get started until about 1am. Sound is split into two sections with the front of the bar playing R n’ B and hip hop, whilst on the dance floor at the rear of venue there is a DJ playing hard house and other dance tunes. This place gets packed with revellers who have no intention of going of bed, certainly not before sunrise!

Open: 11pm to 6am
Where: Soi Green Mango

Reggae Pub
The Reggae Pub and the area around it (Soi Reggae) is probably the 2nd busiest night spot in Chaweng, behind Soi Green Mango. Despite its name, this long running bar/club doesn’t play all that much reggae. However, there is plenty of dance music and hip-hop which played around this huge complex at full blast every night. The party really kicks off in here after midnight and if you want to visit the Reggae Pub before 10pm, then don’t bother, as it will be almost empty! The dance floor here is huge and is surrounded by plenty of seating areas and benches. Sometimes there is international DJ’s playing here, as well as a regular live band. The sound system is enormous, the dance floor never ending; this place is jumping most nights of the week.

Open: 6pm to 2am
Where: Soi Reggae, Chaweng

Ark Bar
Part of the Ark Beach Resort, Ark Bar is another of Samui’s long established and popular nightspots. In fact, it could be described as Samui’s best known beach bar. Throughout the day Ark Bar makes for a stunning location right on the beach, looking out to sea. At night the large cushions, loungers and candles come out, along with ambient music and fire shows. The atmosphere here is relaxed and is suitable for families, even late at night. The restaurant here is pretty good, if you fancy an early evening bite to eat. Open every day of the week, Ark Bar is at its liveliest every Wednesday night when it hosts its weekly beach party. The area of the beach where Ark Bar is located is home to a number of similar bars, which offer a more chilled night out compared to the bars and clubs at Soi Green Mango or Soi Reggae.

Open: 2pm to 2am
Where: On the beach, just off Chaweng Beach Road at Soi Pizza Hut
Tel: 077 961 333

Bondi Aussie Bar and Grill
Located in the centre of Chaweng, this modern Aussie themed bar offers live music, pool tables, international DJ’s, 15 HD flat-screen TV’s, and a menu packed with great and affordable food (you’ve got to check out their pizzas). With air conditioning throughout you will also find Samui’s only shuffleboard on the the 3rd floor. A great place to watch live sporting events on TV, they also have a live band playing five nights a week.

Open: 10am to 2am
Where: Chaweng Beach Road, Central Chaweng
Tel: 077 414 357

Bar Solo
Sleek, uber cool and playing great music, there isn’t much not to like about Bar Solo. A good place to start your evening, make sure you take advantage of their half price cocktails from 2pm to 8pm. As it starts to get later, Bar Solo gets much livelier with DJ’s playing a range of funky house and ambient chill out tunes. A good place for people watching, Bar Solo is quickly becoming one of the most talked about bars on the whole island.

Open: 2pm to 2am
Where: Chaweng Beach, next to Starbucks
Tel: 077 414 012

Bar Ice
This is literally the coolest bar on Samui! All the interior of the bar including, the walls, seats and bar itself, are all made completely from ice, quite impressive. Bar Ice isn’t small either. Adjoining the main bar area is a room that contains large ice sculptures of elephants and tuk tuks. The temperature inside the bar is kept to -7 degrees but don’t worry, you are given large, warm over coats and hats to wear before you go inside! A worthwhile experience, even if it is just to check out the atmospheric lighting and ice sculptures. Outside you’ll find a beer garden and smoking area.

Open: 4pm to 2am (children welcome before 10pm)
Where:  At the northern end of Chaweng Lake, 10 minute walk from Chaweng centre, opposite Baan Saun Sook Resort
Tel: 077 484 933

Tropical Murphy’s
This well run, pub largely succeeds in its quest to being Koh Samui’s favourite traditional Irish owned pub. If you are looking for an evening away from the nightclubs and beach parties then Tropical Murhphy’s is your place. With a large selection of beers on offer, good food, pool and traditional pub quizzes Tropical Murphy’s certainly has a lot going for it. It also has extensive seating throughout and the Thai staff speak English to an excellent standard. Upstairs, you’ll find live music and air con, with the bar downstairs providing a great area to sit and watch the world go by.

Open: 9am to 2am
Where: Opposite McDonalds in Chaweng, next door to Baan Samui Hotel

Q Bar
Located in the northern end of Chaweng, Q Bar offers stunning views of the whole island, from its regal position high up on the mountainside. Q Bar certainly is the place to be seen in, this kind of bar trendy bar is more commonly found in Bangkok. Various international DJ’s have played here and a host of famous celebs have chosen Q Bar to spend the evening when visiting Koh Samui. With the latest tunes being played inside and with a sleek, stylish drinking area outside, combined with the magnificent views, Q Bar certainly isn’t the cheapest bar on the island but it certainly is one of the most spectacular. Oh and when leaving Q Bar, be careful as you travel down from its lofty location as it is rather steep, to say the least!

Open: 6.30pm to late
Where: On the hillside above Northern Chaweng, near Wat Khao Hua Juk
Tel: 077 962 420

Admiral Lord Nelson
The Admiral Lord Nelson is a typical British pub, serving a selection of fine beers and traditional pub grub. The pub actually boasts two dining areas, so you can decide if you want a casual bite to eat downstairs or move upstairs to air conditioned comfort for the The Admiral Lord Nelson Dining Experience. Favourites from the menu include fish and chips and fabulous Sunday roast dinners. Downstairs you’ll find large screen projector for all your live sport and stage for live entertainment.

Open: 9am to late
Where: Chaweng Beach Road, C haweng South
Tel: 087 277 7825, 081 079 6803

The Coffee Club
This popular cafe, bar and restaurant serves up modern Australian cafe dining cuisine, great tasting coffee and cakes and is also fully licensed. The all day breakfasts are popular and you can even choose from eggs Benedict and smoked salmon! The Coffee Club in Chaweng is a pleasant place to go to escape the hustle and bustle of the main strip. Spread over three floors, with the first two floors being able to seat up to 100 people. On the third floor is the state of the art kitchen. There is also air conditioning throughout the restaurant. Outside you’ll find a nice terrace where you can sit and watch the comings and goings of people on the main beach road. No matter if you just want a cake and coffee or dinner, a couple of beers and a glass of wine, The Coffee Club can cater for a variety of needs.

Open: 8am to midnight
Where: Chaweng Beach Road, close to Soi Green Mango
Tel: 077 414 616

Tilac Bar
Located in Soi Green Mango, Tilac’s is another one of the popular beer bars in the area. A good place to party, Tilac Bar has a great atmosphere, hot bar staff and plays good music. There’s is also a pool table and dancing pole. Tilac Bar is a good place to go if you are on a bar crawl around the area. In fact, you might like it so much that you won’t want to leave!

Open: 6pm to late
Where: Soi Green Mango

Hush Bar
One of the smaller bars on the Soi Green Mango strip, what Hush Bar might lack in size, it more than  makes up for it with its party spirit.  This lively and fun place is a good venue to start your evening or to visit before heading onto the larger clubs on the strip.

Open: 6pm to late
Where: Soi Green Mango, central Chaweng
Tel: 082 021 3706

International Bar
Located on Soi Green Mango, International Bar might not be as eye catching as some of the other bars on the main strip but it is still worth visiting nonetheless. There is a definite party vibe here and the drinks are always flowing. Complete with pool table and loud music International is popular with many foreign visitors to the Green Mango strip.

Open: 2pm to late
Where: Soi Green Mango, central Chaweng

Moby Dick’s
Moby Dick’s is a popular Irish pub situated at the heart of Chaweng Beach. The atmosphere an ambience inside Moby Dick’s is very relaxed and welcoming. Pop in for a pint of Guinness or to try one of their fantastic cocktails. Happy hour is between 3pm and 7pm where you can enjoy discounted drinks, whilst playing pool, darts or watching sport on the TV. As well as a pub, Moby Dick’s is also a guesthouse and restaurant and serves traditional Irish, British and Thai food, whilst also providing comfortable and reasonably priced accommodation. Visit Moby Dick’s today, you’ll have a whale of a time!

Open: 9am to late
Where: Central Chaweng, at the end of Soi Green Mango
Tel: 077 413 107

X Bar and Restaurant – Xin City Samui
Xin City is a hotel, shopping plaza and entertainment centre that is situated in the centre of Chaweng Beach. Located on the 1st floor of the ‘B’ Building you will find the X Bar and Restaurant, which is run with the help and cooperation of Black Canyon Coffee and Restaurant, which is also located in the plaza. X Bar provides good quality food and drink and often has live entertainment. It can also provide a nice getaway from the louder, more raucous bars that can be found in Chaweng.

Open: 4pm to late
Where: Entrance to Soi Green Mango, central Chaweng
Tel:  077 914 100

Coyote Samui
Coyote Samui is a Mexican themed bar and restaurant situated in the centre of Chaweng beach. Not only do they serve great food but Coyote Samui is a great place to go and have a couple of drinks in the evening. With its Latino vibe and welcoming atmosphere, why not choose from one of the menu’s 75 Margaritas. There is also live music every night from 9.30pm, as well as an afternoon happy hour from 2pm to 6pm and Ladies Night every Sunday from 8pm to 10pm.

Open: 11am to late
Where: Chaweng Beach Road, in between Haagen Das and Starbucks, central Chaweng
Tel: 077 414 611

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